POSITION: Illustrator
CLIENT: Okresky.sk

Book series OKRESKY documents the most beautiful roads at home, and abroad. The task was to create a cover illustration for book series. The idea behind this was to have an illustration
of a few iconic places. (architectural, natural landscape, towers, bridges, etc.) in one merged big illustration.


The book is divided into 5 chapters and a bonus chapter backstage. Each chapter represents one color of the day. Because I wanted to work with each illustration separately I divided the whole picture into separate shapes. Geometric shapes also refer to light refraction. This allows me to work with each illustration separately so it can breathe in a landscape within each color.


I participated in the Slovak version, Czech version, Croatian version, and Porsche magazine. For the first Slovak edition of the book, there was also a collection of stickers with illustrations motiv of significant roads and curves. We also created a sports bag with patches where you can put all your books and enjoy the freedom of roads with good companionship.


Book Layout - Lookin
Project - Okresky
Portfolio photos - Lukas Prochazka