Plakala LP/
King of the hood

POSITION: Graphic Designer
CLIENT: Haluzeum Produkt

Hip-hop Album/ Electronic/ Trap. This is a double LP. On one side is EDUV SYN with his album Plakala and on the other side is ZAKHELES with his debuting album King of the hood. 


For EDUV SYN I used this liquid-moved effect of typography. His music has this style of hypnotic long movement so I wanted to reflect it in Song's lyrics. In the middle of the vinyl, there are all the names of songs on the LP, when it is played it spins and makes this hypnotic spiral effect.


ZAKHELES lyrics and songs have this kind of anarchistic punk feeling, so for the back side of the LP sleeve, I used a very classical layout with Serif font. I wanted from text to look like some romantic poems so it is in contrast with rough hip-hop lyrics. At first sight, it looks like conservative text but when you read it you will get this disturbing feeling which surprises you.