Real processing

POSITION: Illustrator, Layout Design
CLIENT: Personal project

Real processing guide is a short book dedicated to Games on heroes. I just picked game rules from different kinds of games where you can play as the first-person hero. Games such as Dungeons & Dragons, MMORPG Lineage, or even LARPS. I found that there are many people who use these game rules in real life. Actually, it has a positive, even motivational character for people to look at the world as a first-person hero in his own life journey.


The design of the book was chosen to look like a guide that you will get when you buy a digital game. However, these rules were modified for real life. The whole book has around 50 hand-drawn illustrations which guide you and explain how to use the book in your favor. For the protection of the special ivory paper, I used cardboard so it looks more like a working material, which you can take with you whatever life situation you want.